We have been hearing this for years and years that as you think so you shall become; or this one; that life and death is in the power of the tongue, meaning the tongue are the thoughts you think in your own mind are expressed as the words you speak to yourself and others, and those words are the expression of your lifestyles, your way of life; and words are reflection of what you have become, doing, have and share to your world.

How your mind is set is the reflection of your habits, and habits are caused by the repetition of the same thoughts in our minds, and it’s the repetition that becomes our habits. So if you are poor, that means you have poor habits, so is the opposite, and our habits are the reflection of what we talk, see, and act on with our lives.   

And this is what differentiates the poor from the successful people, just words coming out from the tongue, a successful person has a successful tongue and poor person has poor tongue; meaning a successful person has a successful vocabulary and a poor person has a poor vocabulary. In the bible Proverbs 18:21, there is very wise sentence that says; “In the tongue, there is power of life and death.” Meaning that the tongue (words) we use is the reflection of our own mindset predominant thoughts, and this is our lifestyle.

Many times it’s not the lack of resources that stops us from become successful; it’s our own tongue, our own habits, our own actions that are rooted from our own negative poor thoughts we entertain in your own minds. And if you and I desire a successful life, let’s change the vocabulary we use by first changing how we think in our minds, we speak our own thoughts and our own thoughts become life reality. Also they is no such thing as a poor country in this world, it’s only the predominant poor mindsets living in that country or community.

The life you and I are experiencing right now, either poor or success, is our own thought caused and if we desire to change this life now and on forward, let’s begin by changing the thoughts we entertain in our own minds first simply because you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. Your lifestyle is the reflection of your own tongue, and its mother roots, it’s your own thoughts.