Difference between an entrepreneur from an employee, it’s just what they believe in and how they think and do, that’s all.

An employee believes in job security, an entrepreneur believes financial security.

An employees is served, an entrepreneur is serves.

An employee is controlled, an entrepreneur controls.

An employee is a follower, an entrepreneur is a leader.

An employee is thought for, an entrepreneur thinks for himself.

An employee works on the solution, an entrepreneur creates solutions.

An employee works for money, an entrepreneur makes money work for them.

An employee work for a vision; an entrepreneur creates and owns a vision.

An employee has a job, an entrepreneur creates a jobs.

An employee is served a job, an entrepreneur own an employee’s job.

An employee is managed by financial fear, an entrepreneur manages financial fears.

An employee spends first and invests what remains; an entrepreneur invests first and spends what remains.

An employee leaves financial problems for the next generations; an entrepreneur leaves a financial prosperity for the next generations.

An employee thinks small business, an entrepreneur thinks big business. In short an entrepreneur thinks big, an employee thinks small.

The difference between an employee and entrepreneur is how they think, what they talk about and what they believe in and what they do. It’s that many people are taught from an early age from homes, through into college, into society, to think and talk like an employee, believe in employment and do what employees do. So if one what’s to become an entrepreneur they must begin first unlearning the employee mentality and begin relearning with an entrepreneur mentality.