Beliefs are just beliefs in your head, you learn’t just from someone who practiced those beliefs. Beliefs are not laws or rules you must follow whether you like it or not. Beliefs like the rich are greedy, money is the root cause of all evil, the rich are crooks, etc; these are all programmed negative beliefs about money that stops many of us never to have enough or a lot, or never to become successfully financially.

Most people don’t understand that beliefs have powers to run, control and speak for our lives; beliefs shape the outcome of our lives, and if the beliefs are negative or poor, that becomes the reflection of our lifestyle. The poor are not poor because of lack of opportunities or money, they are poor because they have deep subconscious poor beliefs running their lives and making life decisions for them.

And once you begin to faithfully question your past beliefs if they are empowering you or not, you will begin to have control over your beliefs and not your beliefs to have power over you. You will begin to choose good positive empowering beliefs to run your life. Remember that beliefs speaks for your life, learn to empower your mind, your life and others lives with empowering beliefs.

You can begin to change or unlearn such beliefs any time you realize that those beliefs are not supporting you to become successful in any area of your life. You have all the rights and time to unlearn any belief that is not supporting you to live a satisfying, fulfilled and happy life. Always remember that a belief is a not a rule or law; it’s just a belief in your head that you have every right and responsibility to change it.