How many salary earners became billionaires without stealing money from the firms, companies or industries they worked in? Can you remember?

Let’s assume that your salary is 1 million naira. Meaning your total income in a year will be 12 million. This is to say, it will take you 100 years to make 1.2 billion if the money is not touched for the entire hundred years. In sciences, why making comparisons, we know that a lot of factors could affect the comparisons. That’s while we often say assuming T or P is constant. The same assumption is what I employed now. This is to say that it would take someone earning 1 million naira monthly almost 100 years to make 1 billion or become a billionaire.

The only thing that would make become most salary earners to become billionaires quicker in most cases is stealing money with pen from the firm or defrauding the firm. Apart from that it’s hard for salary earners to become wealthy in a recessed or depressed economy.

Then what does school system train you to become, a salary earner off course! You have been trained to work for your entire life time for the elites or the rich. You have been trained to live your entire life time managing your life.

Someone takes control of your entire life time. Every morning, before 6 am you have rushed out of your house because you must be at office latest by 7.30 am. If You came to work around 8am, you answer lots of queries.

Most at times, your boss would scold you like a little kid. You would say I am sorry Sir or Ma’am. In most cases you work till late in the evening because of something that came up in the office. By the time you come back home your children had already slept. Now, you hardly have time for your children and spouse, your house maid or servant is now taking care of everything.

Something happens maybe in the village and your attention is urgently needed, you tell your boss please I need to travel to village urgently because of something very urgent. Your boss might say don’t travel or travel. If your boss says don’t travel, then you won’t have any option than to obey unless you want to be fired.

This is how you live your entire life time be controlled, no freedom until you retire in old age. NO WONDER SALARY IS FROM THE WORD SLAVERY.


Every Enlightened salary earner must be working to become FREE one day and Establish his or her own business.