We have heard for so many times that a salary is a bribe they give an employee so that they can forget their dreams, and focus on their employer’s dreams. It has also been said that if you take away a man’s dream, you take away man’s life; so is what a salary is meant for to take away an employee’s life so that it gets to be controlled, used by the employer’s life.

We also go to school so that we can forget our dreams and focus on the employer’s company dreams, and not our own dreams, that’s why the purpose of our school-system is to train students to go follow what the employer wants at a company after they leave school. And the other problem is that in schools they is no financial education that must prepare students to become financial independent, but only preparing a student to go work for a paycheck month after month till 60 years old age down the road. That’s why students leave university to go look for a salary job than leaving university to go look for opportunities that will enable them to become financial independent and become creators of jobs.

The reason why majority of people work for a paycheck after paycheck, month in month out, year in year out, years in years out, is because salary was meant to be low so that you come back tomorrow wishing for more that is never enough to satisfy your life needs. Majority of employee’s needs are never satisfied that’s why they keep on going back for a paycheck month after month.

A salary was not meant to make an employee rich, no; it was meant to make an employee more financially dependent, stranded and vulnerable so that they may go back to work for a paycheck every month that comes. Salary must never be enough and will never be enough, that’s why it’s called a paycheck, not a cash flow.

A salary is more like a curse, and operating under curse that if you have no idea or no courage to eliminate out of your life, it keeps on controlling your life for a life-time; others just die with a paycheck mentality inside their heads.

If you are an employee if you are reading this article, lucky are you, it’s high time you begun thinking of other source of income simply because a salary is will never be enough for your lifetime till your retirement day; I ready wise words from a book a cannot recall very well that said, “If you knew how hard and painful it is to grow into adulthood broke and poor with family along side, you will plan your financial life wisely enough as young as you are now”, and for more am encouraging you to read my book here; “The Untold You; The 7 Realities To Always Remember When You Are In The Working Industry”.