Shortage of jobs, that’s illusion, it’s an illusion belief you have been programmed by the running mental controlling systems, and otherwise everyone has the potential to create their own jobs. We have no shortages of jobs, but shortage of independent constructive thinkers and doers. Jobs are mental conditioning; unemployment is a mental cause, caused by man, not by God.

Unemployment means the universal principle of the “law of Use”, is not working according to the way it must work, and any misuse of the universal principle, results misery in our reality. Unemployment is not putting use to what already have. Unemployment is lack of utilization of our God given talents and lack of utilization of putting to use the potential within our own minds.  

Governments are busy lying to you that they can end unemployment, which is a lie. Government can never end unemployment through philosophy of creating employees and not creating businesses that can create jobs. Governments do not create jobs, entrepreneurs do. Governments cannot create jobs by encouraging less creation of entrepreneurship and encouraging more employeeship.  

And you cannot end unemployment by being an employee; you can only end unemployment by not being an employee and not being in the employment industry, but by being in the employer industry. And only one possible thing that I have used myself, “Only an individual can end unemployment at an individual level, and that is through utilization of our own God given gifts or talents which is our Gold and Diamonds we are born with, utilizing and using the power of the mind to harness the power of entrepreneurship.

The Native Indian said it clear, “If you are given a gift and you do not use it to serve other people, it becomes a curse.” So what we call unemployment is just human caused curse. If no one can give you a job, create your own job and if no one can give you an opportunity, create your own opportunities. People are already born rich; it’s just often the poor religion and school teaching systems that make people poor.


  1. Entrepreneur Mind Realization and Development
  2. Mind Potential Realization and Development
  3. Talent Realization and Development
  4. And Create a Business around the 3

This will end unemployment on your personal level first and as you create jobs for through your business, you will begin to end unemployment in other people’s lives too. But that does not mean you have ended unemployment for those you have employed, no; as said you can only end unemployment by not being an employee, by not being in the employment industry, but by being in the employer industry. You cannot help the poor by being poor; you have to be on the opposite.

If you belief in the employee industry, you will believe that they is unemployment, but if you belief in the employer industry, you will believe that I must or I create jobs. So this is why I said the illusion in the unemployment and the reality in the unemployment world.