But thanks to mum and Jehovah I was born. I was born in a very primitive village called Matipa in the Northern part of Zambia 143km from Luwingu. I was born to the woman who people and nature considered to be too old to give birth to a brilliant limitless soul.

The time I was born, my mother had already given up on having another child because she thought she was too old to do that and moreover she already had given birth to 12 children.  Five sets of twins and two single births.

Unexpectedly, it became the talk of the village when rumors of her pregnancy spread. It had already been 12 years without her giving birth and she had already given up on it. Thank God she never went for bilateral tubal ligation, or else I wouldn’t be here. Nine months later a son was born and Mr. Pomboloka named him Isaac just like the biblical Isaac Sarah and Abraham conceived in their old age.

I spent almost my youthful life in that village were people only knew early marriages and farming.  I grew up calling my dad and mum as bamama (grandma) and bashikulu (grandpa) because everyone around me was calling them that. I came to realize that those were my nieces and nephews whom I was growing up with. Matipa was so isolated from civilization that town life was a fantasy to us. As I was growing up I heard so many stories about town life from dad and mum because that’s where they spent their lives before settling in that village.

The stories gave me a clear picture in my mind that used to give me clear imaginations on the existence of a life better than the lifestyle of Matipa. This made me believe that one day I will enjoy such a life and become a great man like my dad. But I didn’t know how.

My dad is a full time dedicated Jehovah’s Witness; he is a great public speaker that he made me fall in love with the way he used to engage the audience when he is speaking. From those days I knew exactly what I was supposed to follow in town. I developed a dream of becoming one of the most thought provoking impactful public speaker. From that time I started reading loud any book I set my eyes on so long as the words are visible. I didn’t just become a book worm but a book dragon and the habit is still with me up to now. I decided that I will spend my entire life writing books containing life changing messages that will help improve the lives others. From that time I still walk with my unshakable dream of becoming a genuine inspirational speaker, author and a humanitarian.

Guess what? I finally saw the face of town in 2008 when I stepped my foot in Ndola for the first time leaving my parents behind. Everything was strange.

I went through many obstacles and challenges to find my place in town. But to save the story for the other day, I endured many limiting factors just to put myself on the path towards the realization of my dream. I realized that you don’t need to change your dream once you are hit by predicaments but to change the route. Leaving many people behind who thought my ambitions were crazy I learnt the science of believing in myself because no one showed confident in an ugly looking village boy.

The journey into the cooperate world has taught me the true meaning of success.

According to social media and society, a person who has millions of money, has a high position in the society, is famous with a cute wife and lots of luxurious cars is considered to be successful. Many so called life mentors are busy teaching everyone the art of money making. I am not saying money is bad but to me success is not just about money, success is a journey that involves actualization of one’s vision that he just can’t dare to die without fulfilling it.

Don’t let people deceive you into thing life is all about materialism. The study at Harvard University showed that 80% of happiness comes from the relationships we share with our loved ones. Achievements only counts for up to 20% of satisfaction in life. If you disagree and think am being irrational, read about the last words of two millionaires who never lacked anything; Steve Jobs and Alexander the Great. That’s why Gaur Gopal Das likes saying that some people are so poor, so poor, absolutely poor that all what they have is money.

Success to me is in the microphone, success is seeing people changing their lives for the better as they apply the personal development teaching I tell them. I don’t need millions so long as I have enough money to help me to continue improving and working on my dream one step at a time. My dream was not to be a business tycoon.

In 2014, just 6 years after coming from the village I opened a tuition academy for secondary school pupils. It created an opportunity for me to interact with people who needed guidance and I was happy.

I started receiving invitations from secondary schools and some colleges to speak on careers days and other workshops. The feeling I had when I received the first ever check for my speaking engagement meant everything to me even if it was just a k1, 500. Guess how I felt when I launched a firm called Enlightened Minds Network (EMN), a consultancy firm offering services to the cooperate world in leadership, management, mentorship on personal development and other business related services. I personally hold a diploma in nursing, advanced certificate in leadership and management and am just studying bachelor’s degree in business administration. EMN consult however has about 10 great minds with a minimum qualification of a Master’s in various fields affiliated to it.

I failed many times and overcame worse limiting factors to success and I am still learning. Millions of people with great dreams are letting them die because they think their background can’t allow them, they think they are too poor to do anything great, they see so many limiting factors that they have developed possibility blindness.

I feel it is my responsibility to awaken weak hopes, latent dreams, those slumbering potentials within you and hopeless extraordinary people like you.

Here is another awesome step towards the actualization of my dream. I have published a book entitled LIMITLESS that shares concepts from a Zambian perspective on how to rise from the scratch and position yourself in line with you dream. The book will teach you concepts that will help you realize that you are limitless and there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream.