There is a drastic drift in today’s manner of living compared with the life in the olden days, it is not only a matter to do with time, but it affects all sectors of living from the smallest which is less of consideration to the bigger part which is of notice. I tend to wonder how slow life was in the past as everything was done manually, think of communication one had to buy an envelope, paper and pen then write a letter which was delivered to the post office and for the message to reach the recipient it would take some time.

Talk of the academic sector researches were done and found only in the library by flipping pages and pages to find the correct information of their desire, things were just so outdated and leaving a better life was more than the word struggle itself because it called for relentless effort.

However this is not my main point of concern am standing in the midst of the line which demarcates the past and present, and today’s revelation is indeed is a solemn fact to withstand. Look at how the world has escalated in terms of the standard of living, life has become so simplified but the simplicity of life is proving to be a burden amongst my fellow youths. They have gone into paralysis of self-worth and they live as if their whole purpose on earth was to give a glance at the succeeding inventors of technology as they pause in amusement while their friends are making money out of their idleness. We have abused what is meant to help and enhance our standard of living, take a look at how the youths have abused social media it has become an arena where everyone is fighting to be noticed. Everyone wants to be liked in today’s generation they say they all want to slay.

Instead of making use of technology to improve the standard of living technology has become a virus that is slowly killing morrow and creativity of the youths of my generation and they are too ignorant to realize that they have become slaves to technology, youths must think and use their minds to set up productive things that will help themselves and people out there. What we have to bear in mind is that for all this technology to come about people had to think and put things together, but if we shall be a generation that only wants to use without having the desire of making then there is a danger that at one point we will have technology in history because the minds are not utilized to productivity.

What the world is in need of today is not a quality caption but a productive mindset, should the youths continue in ignorance then the past will shame at us because it was far much better than the present, we have resources but we cannot utilize, we have chances but we cannot take up. Be the a youth that will inspire and be innovative, I believe there is more of every youth than the slaying on social media get to work and discover who you are and make a change in the word.