Many of us to date still don’t believe that school is a business. Truth is this, school cannot exist without money, the system behind is driven by money, not education, and that money comes from kids who are sent to schools year after year by their parents pockets.

And the sad thing is that; majority of teachers are not real teachers, their fake teachers, predators for a paycheck, they’re not there for the education of kids, but for money, that’s why they are Controlled, told what to teacher whether old or obsolete, and for them as long as the paycheck is there, even if they know what they are teaching in class is worth less for students, money is their first motive, not the education of kids in school. Read a fake teacher, forced teacher and gifted teacher.

Teachers Union Meetings are not there for the education of kids, but after the money of kids. All these meetings are organized because of money, teacher’s go on strike because of money, not because of teaching. I have not heard were teachers went on strike over changing or improving the subjects or syllables of kids in school, maybe, but all teachers strikes and union meetings are for money, that’s why we have too many fake teachers in the education sector today than ever before, majority of teachers are just there for a paycheck, for money, and not for the improvement of kids education. And saying that every child has the right to go to school is also a trick they use to make more money, as the motive behind the school system is to make money, it’s a business, not really for education of your kids in school. And the huge problem is that even politicians are after the money of students in schools too. Think honestly about this article?