Have you lately checked how school fees or tuition fees are becoming expensive each year that comes that it’s even a salary of a civil servant? Today taking your child for a baby nursery schooling is paying the same equivalent money with a high school student fees, and if its university worse.

Parents are spending their whole entire lifetime earning just to say what they call I am educating my child; sometimes I wonder if parents of today are really educating their child or children or just wasting their financial life on a child, and the fact is, that financial in school will never be recovered.

I don’t see it as sensible to take your child for a university degree and pay thousands of Kwacha or Dollars, and only your child graduating without a job or end up working for Lebanese’s hair shop, Pick & Pay, Chopies Super Market or Shoprite getting a k1200 or $100 every month as a university Degree holder or Masters Degree holder getting a K4000 or $400, and when you say taking your child to school for years is an investment when you are just spending such an amount for a one 3 months semester for straight 15 years, and then your child ends up getting such a salary like this after school, or ends up unemployed, and you still call this as investment today, let me just say this, this is financial insanity.

When we say educating your child is an investment and you invest your whole entire financial lifetime on your child’s education, and when your child finishes school and your investment does not return within the period or years your child was in school, that’s insanity financial investment. Point is an investment is for return.

Today as a parent if you are thinking and expecting that taking a child to school is an investment, please think honestly about such an illusion investment, you will be the one crying in old age years. Today I am seeing parents who where my father’s work mates in a company ZESCO called Zambia Electricity Supplying Cooperation and other companies how they are financial sick, broke and confused why they educated their children for years; and some there children have a job but cannot fully support their parents because of peanut butter salaries, others are unemployed today that the money the parents spent for their child’s education has never even harvested them any single coin, and we are still saying that going to school is the key to success.

In today time mostly which is killing our older parents it’s not actually bacteria diseases, but cancer of the wallet, lack of money, and even though others die with bacteria diseases, most these sickness can be cured if there is money, but lack of money to support the health of our grown up parents causes most deaths.

As a parent today, you have to begin thinking normal, before spending all your entire lifetime money on your child’s education that you will 90% never reap that investment, and why not just flip the other page, and use that part of your money to educate you and your child financially so that you might be on the safe side, for your child’s financial life and your financial life too.   Just look at how unemployment is high today, how many unemployed graduates have no jobs today, and how many employed graduates are getting peanut butter salaries, and you can say that schooling is an investment. Today robots and machines are taking over human labor jobs, and you are saying investing in your child for a job is an investment? Let’s think honestly here please parents? I end here, just think about this honestly.