I have been thinking what is it that keeps people poor in this life more, not moving ahead with lives or family lives too, and I came to realize that it’s not what we don’t have that keeps people poor but what we already have that keeps us poor. 

The problem that keeps people from not moving forward is that they keep on focusing on what they don’t have, and what they don’t have is what keeps them from not moving forward; instead of looking at what they have already that can move them even a forward step ahead before actually more ways are found that will move them further ahead to their targeted success goal. 

They say a Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and it begins with what you already have now, and examples of what you have now that you might begin with is;

  1. Your Time: You always have time to begin to do what will lead you to the success you want. Saying I don’t have time, it’s always an excuse; just make that time to start doing what will lead you to the success you want. 
  2. Your Mind, Your Body, Your Money or the Job You Have Now, or the House You Are Living In Now, The People, Environment and Country you are in now; not want you don’t have. Plan in your mind, go work with your body, use the salary to fund your success dream if there, use the shelter in the house to your advantage some other people are planning their success goals while homeless, use people’s resources around you to fund your dreams, and appreciate the environment and country you are living in now some other countries they are never at peace, but probably your country like where am living in Zambia is peaceful, stop making excuses and just begin with these I have mentioned above.

It’s only taking advantage and putting to use what we already have that will move us forward to our success goals, not waiting upon what we don’t have. Keep this mind: It’s actually not using what you already have now to your advantage that keeps you from not progressing forward with your life, and not actually what we don’t have already.