Here are the 6 simple reasons but not paid attention too seriously, why pensioners go broke and poor after retirement;

  1. They are Financially Uneducated.
  2. Buy Liabilities as Assets instead of Real Assets.
  3. Others Become Stupid that they Think they Know it all; Money makes them stupid, think the little they give them every single month will never finish.
  4. They Have no Business Experience and Idea; they think if the neighbor is doing fine with poultry chicken business,  they can do it too; and they also don’t have any business research mindset.
  5. Think the government will take care of them, in fact this is old and obsolete thinking, if you still believe such a lie today as an employee, please end it here, our government is broke, bankrupt.
  6. They Think their own born children will take care of them in old age. Daddy and Mom please listen, how do you expect your child getting a k1200 ($100) paycheck in Shoprite, Pick & Pay or Choppies Super Makert to fully care of all your needs in your old age? Of course your children might be your future investments, but not every child ends up your Harvestment, that’s reality checking.

I have many friends working but unable to care of their parents, simply because the Salary is so little.

Therefore, parents plan your financial life now, some of the children are very stupid to the last that if they begin getting even a little Salary, you will never hear from them, but if you a child with parents, please guys don’t be such a child, but my parents this is a reality.

Reality: Most pensioners when they retire, they end up adult orphans, that’s why many resort to depending on their children or family members to take care of them.

The future is now, please let’s prepare wisely, we will never have today again.

It’s only the learnable and researchable ideas that makes the pensioners go broke and poor after retiring from a job.