Our education system is trending from being outdated to being a messed up education system. A high level unemployment among of the youth and underdevelopment of our rich country education system is bad. 

How do we sought out this mess at our senior secondary level?

1) Teach Financial Education: If learning how to invest, when to spend, how to spend, how to calculate to realize profit in business, you have basically created an entrepreneur.

2) Teaching Trades of Choice by Students: A trade is a skill you learn and get a certificate at the end of it. It can be singing, website program, first aid for the doctor, pharmacist, clinical officer, nurse to be, or power electrical or even basic mechanics in vehicles, machines, tailors agriculture and many more. This can achieved in two ways, Trade schools training teachers in these skills or trade schools themselves teaching. Work shop in honors can be done as supplement to the trades to these skills pupils learn.

How Will These Suggestion Help Zambia?
1) When a pupil graduates, they have the skill and financial education. They will not stay idle at home waiting to be admitted to tertiary education in a varsity or college. They will form partnerships and start a business and start earning or start kiosk as startup business.

2) Admission criteria of into tertiary institutions will be genuinely based not theory alone but practical based also. This is where the learning institutions will be ranked based on how they polish the student based on how practical the students can deliver the theories they learn, and what difference do these graduates bring to the community.

3) Zambians through the government of the day benefit.
Firstly borrowing can be reduced because people innovative and business minded and tax can collect from these businesses. We can have better health facilities, better roads, better civil infrastructure, and better agriculture. Why because our education system didn’t just create employees but entrepreneurs. That’s a start to a different Zambia before it too late.