Chanda started his business with $230 seed funding and planning to build it into a multi-million dollar company across African.

Chanda says: “The platform will revolutionize the way buyers and sellers interact, with a model that is more convenient for the seller and more attractive to the buyer. It will create unlimited opportunity for Zambian entrepreneur, small business owner or even large business owners; it will serve as the great equalizer/nation builder, boosting employment, trade and powering economic growth and development in Zambia”. marketplace will also cater to the needs of not only big wholesalers/ retailers, but even the roadside/ market traders as well as enterprising individuals across the country with amazing products.

“We believe in a world where every small or large business owner is given an opportunity to succeed and we are helping to provide that opportunity with Spakdeal. We now have the beginnings of an ecommerce platform that I am incredibly confident will impact on our society in a much more profound way than we have done so far”. Says Francis Chanda.

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