Just stop wasting your lifetime thinking that others are more blessed than you, when people without hands, others without legs are driving, cooking, writing books, panting, building businesses, flying Aero planes and getting married too, and you the one who is complete without no any physical disability you are busy complaining that life is not fair, or people don’t like me, or people don’t want to support me; why not like yourself and support yourself? If you have such an attitude then you are the one who is a problem, you are lacking a personal vision for your life. Fact is, life is not fair, just find your advantage and take advantage of it.   

It’s in not living our lives on a right purposeful ideas that makes our lives directionless, and this directionless as a result has and causes many people to experience unexciting and confused meaningless lifestyles.

They say life has no meaning, yes life has no meaning, and if you want it to be of meaning, create your own meaning out of your life, and not someone else to create a meaning of your life for you, no, but you your own self to create it, that’s when life will be of meaning to you, life.

Its in finding, creating, having and livng your personal vision, dream, talent, goals, and purpose that must be your WHY for living this life, and your Why is what gives direction of your life and gives meaning of your living on this planet. You 100% know that you being born here on this earth was not an accident, and this is a motive enough that must bother you so much in your head to find the reason of why you exist on this earth.

If you cannot define your Why of your living on this earth, then how do you expect your life to be of meaning? Remember that what you do now with your life is the meaning of your life, whether you love what you do or not, you define your own life meaning!. Your life is your own business, run it at a profit.