“When we can’t do something we always look for someone to validate our fears. Always good to try out things. Zero negativity” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Healing always starts by accepting that the problem does exist. Whether physical pain, hurt or whatever situation”- Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“There will be bad days, sometimes, but that should not make you lower your standard. Know your worth” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Some tribes are trying hard to stick to their traditions and culture but the modern times are making it harder by the day” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“A nation that loses its culture and tradition is lost. To change a people make them believe their beliefs are evil and inferior” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Losing your job sometimes is in answer to your prayer for a new one. Leave the safety of the harbour to discover new lands” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Because the time demanded it the masters abolished the physical slavery and enslaved our mind instead” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Anything that’s not yours, especially the opposite sex, looks nice till you get close to them and know the real person then..” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Who are you listening to is a very important question and deserves an honest answer from you. Garbage in garbage out” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“If your mind is the seat of creation guard what goes in. weeds and plants frow in the same garden. You live what you think” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Most of the things we ask God for are already enabled in us.We are ‘gods’ created by a powerful God.You are a creator,your mind creates things. Everything that has ever been starting from a needle to a plane started as a thought in someone’s mind.” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“We got it all wrong, 99% should be the thinking part and 1% doing.Spend more time sharpening your Axe then the cutting will be easier.”
– Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“If thinking too much can cause sickness, stress and all. The opposite also is true the mind heals. Your mind is powerful” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Other races are much more in touch with the power of the mind than we are. We fear to discover more about ourselves” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Capital is important in business but money making ideas are tops. If money was ‘P1’ lotto winners would not be going broke” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Money knoweth no race, sex, religion or age. Like rain it chooseth not where it falls, heathen or believer” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“How people perceive you sometimes matters more than reality.” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu

“Biting more than you can chew is fine. You will chew twice as fast but set realistic goals so failure is not an option” – Dominic Mufwinda Kapalu