Within a paycheck, your budget is always limited within a paycheck, if you spend beyond your paycheck, you fall into debt, and many are into this problem today.  

Your life budget, meaning your expenses, rentals, traveling, food, clothing, your family budget, etc; everything that has to do with money, is always limited in your paycheck budget and that’s the untold you the employer will never tell you, but only encourages you to work hard so that you can bring in more money for him or her, your employer. Point is you will never have enough money to cart all your expenses you desire if you only depend on a paycheck as the only source of income, and this requires no common sense to understand, just look at how many people are working hard as employees but still living in poverty, still living under a paycheck means. A paycheck does not end poverty, but often causes more poverty on many people’s lives.

But truth is this it can be unlimited if you begin working for yourself, if you build your own business or learn to invest your money wisely, just look at how businesses are making a few people rich and how jobs are making many people poor?

But If You Have A Job Now, You Are Lucky,

How am I lucky? Begin with what you have to get to where you want to go.

That job you have now is capital to help you fund your own dreams, fund the business you might want to begin, so that you will be able to create more money and live the life you desire to live and not continual living the life of an employee of being controlled by your employer.

Please just don’t make your paycheck be an end to your money earning, but a beginning to your money abundance, for example I have friend who I helped to build an internet business some years back, today, is doing fine and expanding his business, the owner of Elite Hype Limited, the company that runs an advertising and entertainment website known as, he used his paycheck salary to build his company until the company begun making its own money; so you too can do it, you can use your paycheck, your job as opportunity to build a business that will create cash flowing in, and not just being limited to the budget of a paycheck or company.

A paycheck is not there to make an employee rich, but to keep an employee working at a company so that they might not leave to get another job at another company; that’s why government uses this manipulative mental trap called job-security, it’s a tactic they use on employees to work for longer years, so that they can pay more taxes to the government for many continuous years, just enriching others lives.

Take your job as an opportunity to fund your dreams, and then step out of that job-cycle to live the life you have always dream’t of.

Please use a paycheck as a capital opportunity to open your own business, don’t be limited to a paycheck, they is more to making money than just being limited to a paycheck. A business will give you more opportunities to make money if you develop the capacity to grow it. Buy the ebook at k25 Zambian Kwacha Link: “The Untold You; The 7 Realities To Always Remember When You Are In The Working Industry”

“Business growth is mental and spiritual growth” – Unknown