Innovate It or Improve It.

There are times in the morning when I am not sure whether I am awake yet or sleeping. But at this very time a lot of thoughts go through my mind and it’s mostly at these times that I think about what to write. This morning was one of those moments. The undisturbed quietness of the morning just makes the situation even more conducive. My “alpha state.” Digressing I guess but let me get back at the topic at hand.

Innovate It: There are many times when I have looked at particular things and wondered how the first person who made it even thought about it. How did they innovate it? Innovation means creating something new. It does not necessarily have to be a tangible item. You need to be “crazy” to be an innovator, don’t conform to the norm. Many people who created things were mostly thought to be crazy by their peers. In the days of old many things were created and discovered because they knew the secret, you should spend 99% thinking and 1% on action. Your thoughts create things. And if the idea is good do not worry about where the capital and all the other things will come from. Those will be attracted to your idea.

Everyone wants to be part of a good idea or creation. But where do ideas come from? On an average day millions of ideas pass through your head but it takes you noticing that EUREKA MOMENT. It can happen any time, in the bathroom, whilst driving, in a meeting or indeed when you are sleeping as a dream. You always have to be ready for that moment because you need to jot that idea down or record it somehow. For if you don’t soon you will forget it. Make it a habit to always have a pen and note pad wherever you are, even by your bed side. Many great ideas and solutions have come to people in their dreams. Remember also that normally these ideas come in serene moments. As you take your evening walk, long drives without loud music or indeed just when you wake up in the morning. So if you are always in noisy areas and no quiet time forget innovation.

Improve It: It’s not always that you need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes all we need is to improve what has already been created. Add some new features which improve an old item in conformity with the current times. There is an Air hostess who noticed that when you flossing your teeth the dental floss sought of bites into your flesh so she created plastic handles for it. She had improved what had already been in existence but she made money from that and quit her job. Some Airlines like Emirates or Qatar have WIFI in their planes and some don’t. They are all flying but the other Airlines are improving your flying experience. Bring it closer to home, if you live in an area in which most people have no electricity you could add a solar charging port for your clients to charge their phones. That will give you competitive urge.

When my daughter was at school in China they would be paid money by agents to attend some fairs and take pictures of new innovations which were on display at the Canton fair. They would then go and improve on the on the innovations they had seen at the fair, though of course this is an unconventional way of doing things. There are countries in the world whose model is to innovate and some just buy the already made innovations and improve them. Like I said these could be tangible or intangible items like technology.

In conclusion do not let off bright ideas passing through your mind. Write them down. They might seem useless now till you meet someone who will help you actualize them. And remember sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.