Money not taught in school is not a coincidence; it’s for a reason and a planned move. We all know Money is Power, and not teaching money in school is one way those with power continual keeping power, having power and continual using that power to control those without power, or directly to say those without money.

This is one big reason why they don’t teach about how to become an entrepreneur, become a business owner or an investor in school because the guys who came up with a school-system wants that power to still remain in their control, that power to remain in their family blood line. This is why in school they always train students to become employees after they leave school, because employees work for money, and once you work for money, then you are a slave to money, to the system, and you are easily controlled. 

Always remember that money is power, and that’s the reason they don’t teach it in school. They don’t teach how to make money work for students, and it has been often said the rich don’t work for money, but the rich who control the school-system they still teach students to date to work for money. If you work for money you are a slave; if you make money work for you, you are the master, the king, and it’s a shame that our kids are taught in school to become slaves to money and mostly many of us still believe its normal, we are being enslaved financially day light with our naked eyes.

I know if you are a parent you might want your children to learn financial education in school or you might want the education system to introduce the financial education, or, change its systematic way of training students, but it cannot, reason being school is a business, and the owners know if they trained everyone to become financially educated, many would not wish to go school or not work for this employee man-made system, people will become able and understand how to make their own money than just being sent to go to school and learn to work for a paycheck, to work for another fellow human being for money when they are able to make their own money through working for themselves, and starting their own businesses or learn to invest their money.

They is nothing wrong with being an employee if it’s willingly, but it’s dangerous to become an employee when you are not financially educated like the majority are today, your wealthy, your time, your life will be stolen from you on day light with your naked eyes wide open. Listen, one system they use to steal majority of people’s wealthy or money, is training more people to become employees; that 40 years you spent on that job working for that employer, that’s your wealthy being stolen for 40 years by the rich who invented the employee system through school system. 40 years is more than enough time to make yourself rich, than just spending those years making your fellow human being rich and richer.

Just engage yourself in financial education that is outside school, meet people who are already entrepreneurs and learn from them, attend investment seminars, watch and listen to entrepreneur’s videos and audios, and read books too, and this article you are reading is a part of your financial education too. I love the author of “Grunch of Giants” Dr. Buckminster Fuller who said that “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete”.

Truth is you cannot explore the new world with an old world map, and here we are trying to explore the new 21st century world with an old 20th century world map that does no longer exist.  Moreover the school-system is obsolete and old today simply because it was designed to work for the people of the 20th century, now we are no longer in that century, but in the new modern world.

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The rules of money changed, the old world money rules are dead, that’s why your child, you, your family and me too, must learn and understand the new world money rules, if we wish to succeed financially in this modern world. The rich are already up to date with world new rules of money.