Thinking big costs no money and so is thinking poor too, but the way most people talk and act as if thinking big costs money, in fact as if it costs a lot of money to think successfully big. Most people even have excuses to why they cannot think successful or big enough for their own lives. It cost no money at all to think big, and you will find that people who act as if it cost money to think big have only been conditioned to think poor and lack; it’s the beliefs that have been programmed deep in their subconscious mind that thinks for them. Most of us still don’t know that Beliefs speak for our lives, and lucky are you if you have empowering beliefs in your mind.

It’s the same with people who say there is a shortage of money; they are conditioned to lack deep in their subconscious mind. Truth is that they are no such thing as shortage on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough, for example if poverty cannot lack what of abundance which is our birth right, why must we lack abundance when it’s our birth right? We are all born rich, but most society’s systems condition many to accept poverty as a way of life. They is only shortage of money if you have no ideas that will cause you to have money, and money is just an idea.


Remember that you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. Stop making justifications and excuses as if it costs money to think big, just begin to think big and begin to take steps of action on that big thought or thoughts, and action is what will review to you the cost or costs to pay to achieve that big idea in your mind. Action is what costs money not thinking.

It’s the cost, the price to pay for the idea to become a reality that stops many from going after a good life they want, and not the thinking, No; and if you truly desire and want to achieve your ideas in your mind, you will do all it takes to achieve those ideas, if not, you will make excuses, procrastinate and blame all kinds of problems, evils, gods and other people for not achieving your own ideas or dreams in your mind.

No one is stopping you to think big, it costs no money to think big, and just begin with whatever tools you have now to the success target you want to achieve for your life, and the better more advanced tools will be found along the way. Good luck.