Remember that you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking.

Stop making excuses: Stop making justifications and excuses as if it costs money to think big, just begin to think big and just take step to action that big thought or thoughts, and action is what will review to you the cost or costs to pay to achieve that big idea in your mind. Often we have this tendency to think to start a business requires money, but when you realize that it requires you first, your committed decision to start a business, you will realize that money can even be the last option to start, you will drop all excuses and do all you can to start your business. Action is what costs money not thinking.

It’s the cost, the price to pay for the idea to become a reality that stops many from going after that idea they want, and not the thinking, No; and if you truly desire and want to achieve your ideas in your mind, you will do all it takes to achieve those ideas, if not, you will make excuses, procrastinate and blame all kinds of problems, evils, gods and other people for not achieving your own ideas or dreams in your mind.

No one is stopping you to think big, it costs no money to think big, and just begin with whatever tools you have now to the success target you want to achieve, and, the better, more advanced tools will be found along the way. The good life you desire, all it requires from you, is to raise your mental standards and action that standard.