Many of us, or to say everyone wants a good life, achieve big, do great stuff in life, enjoy that good relationship or run that great company like Elon Musk “Space X Company” founder, but what many of us don’t want is the responsibility that comes along with that success, and its no success wonder it never comes to our way. Truth is this, success will never come to our side without us putting in our effort first. Its as simple as said, nothing will come to you if you put in nothing to make it come to you.

Also success is not only working physically, but working hard internally too, in fact working internally hard first then that physical success will be caused by the internal creation, because everything begins internal. Your inner world causes your physical reality, that is why your mindset is your lifestyle, and if you begin by making your mindset better, your physical reality will begin to get better too.   

Like I said, we all want a successful life, but many of us are not willing to accept the responsibility that comes along with success. Many are not even willing to let go of the poor habits in their minds in order to welcome the rich habits which are the responsibilities that comes along to live a successful life. Many at conscious level want success, but at subconscious level don’t want success, they are still holding on to unsuccessful habits and ideas.

If you ask for rain, you better accept the responsibility to deal with the mud, and I love what someone said that “If you want marriage you better be ready to deal with foolishness of the woman and the stupidity of the man, if not just stay single”, it’s not a sin to remain single.

So if you want success in anything, be willing to take full responsibility that comes along with that success you seek, in fact the bigger the success you want the bigger the responsibility that comes along too, be willing to take that responsibility if not, no  success at all.

Success is just taking and becoming a responsible person, but it matters most were you take that responsibility, if you take responsibility on success ideas, you will become successful, and if you take responsibility on unsuccessful ideas, so share you become achieve unsuccessful ideas too.

Bear this in mind that it’s the responsibility that comes along with success that stops many of us from not going for that successful life, and if you are willing to take that responsibility and put in much effort, you are guaranteed that success. Success is responsibility.