Have you ever had a job where you feel, ah..its yet another horrible day, I wonder what my boss will do or say?

Every day you report for work feels like hell, your heart is heavy at the thought of work. It’s kind of the same thing with some friends, spouses, homes, etc. There are some friends every time you are with them; you know its confession time.

Spouses as well, I have heard of a number of married women complain,”My husband is never at home; he is always busy and only comes home late to lay his head down”. It could be that maybe you are always on each other necks, talk about things in the most polite way, that’s why you are a couple. Homes are our nests and they should be the most peaceful places we should run to after a very hectic day, but instead it makes others wanting to flee away and seek for calmness elsewhere.

Let’s seek for peace within oneself, with God and the people around Us. In that way we serve ourselves from some of the unnecessary pressures of life. If you desire a good life, peace must be amongst the top priority.