Entrepreneurs understand this more, because they believe that even the best can be made better. That’s the reason why we must not just focus on looking or just seeing opportunities in problems only; they’re also opportunities in opportunities too.

Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with their level of success, but they’re happy and grateful with any level of their successes they achieve; as I said, they believe that even the best can be made better. They believe that it’s not just achieving a big dream and that’s the end, no; but they know that they’re also bigger, greater dreams, and extraordinary dreams that can be achieved than just a big dream.

 “Flying is now as familiar as walking. But why? Because someone was not content to think” said, James D. Freeman. Achievement is not the end, but the beginning of a new idea to achieve.

If man was satisfied with using horses as the only source of transport, we would not have these transportation means we are currently using today, that’s why you must not be satisfied and comfortable, but be happy, enjoy the accomplishment or the success you have achieved, and keep looking for more opportunities in what you have achieved. Truth is; every opportunity always holds another opportunity within.