Him: After you break this wall Lukwesa, nothing will be impossible for you. You will begin to live your dreams because everyday you will wake up to achieve your purpose.

Me: Interesting, but how do I break this wall?
Him: ba Lukwesa you are this wall I refer to. Power to change your life lies within you. The outside world acts as a force that’s prevents this power from it’s full activation.

Me: Okay you’re now confusing me, how does the world affect me being a wall to my own self?
Him: The world welcomes you and teaches you the whole way of life and tries to predict your future and you will be. A man’s prediction of tomorrow lies within themselves and the effort they put towards the attainment of what they wish to become.

Me: you’re not answering my question, rather your now drifting.
Him: I drift not, you are the one who drifts because you rush for answers instead of following the simple process of life.

Me: Man don’t preach to me, you said entrepreneurship make your point I don’t have the whole lot of time.
Him: People will not tell you who you are, no one will explain the best recipe for your success.

Me: Okay you’re now talking, kindly continue…
Him: If you want to succeed, you need to pursue success. If you want to die a poor man, keep on waiting until the day someone will tell you they can no longer feed you.

Me: Don’t be too harsh man, make your point.
Him: I will teach you the way of an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you will venture in something that meets the needs of people around you and this is done prior to their views.

Me: I have done entrepreneurship, don’t lecture me for the second time.

Him: Life is more prestigious in your younger years as you get to plant for the fruits of your 40’s and above. A lot miss out by wasting the days of the youth. Work now and enjoy the rewards therein tomorrow. You can start any small venture today. Be disciplined in your ventures and always live each day to achieve your goals.

Me: Can you kindly go beyond this I really need this information. 
Him: Have you ever wondered why out of a 100 people only 3% make it in life?
Me: (Silence caught me cause I really needed to hear this part)

To be continued……