Starting a business first requires getting pregnant, and wait for the baby to get matured in your womb, and then give birth later after 9 months, and if the baby is born prematurely, they get to be under incubator machine care until it becomes fully matured.

Point is; learn first, and earn later that’s what all business is about, as they’re two words in the word learn, Learn and Earn. So you have to Learn first and Earn later.

You cannot earn without learning and whatever you earn without learning it’s always lost easily. We have all heard of people who have won lotteries, big lamp some of money, but just months, years down the road they lose all the money, what is this telling us? You have to become pregnant first of learning the development of the baby process in the womb, then that learning is what will give birth to the business idea in your physical reality that which was the baby in the womb, your mind.

Every business is a pregnancy, and every pregnancy grows unless miscarriage comes in, but you can still get pregnant again, you can still start a business again. Just keep on getting pregnant of business ideas each day that comes and keep on taking action until they begin to be born into your physical reality. But just never skip your pregnancy in the business world.