Did you know that the people surrounding you are the only ones that can make you successful at anything you desire to become successful at with your life?  

Did you know that success begins where you are with what you have?

Did you know that the cycle of your friendship or relationships knows you better too?

Well, others might not tell you the fact about this, but people we spend most of our time with already know our strengths and weaknesses, and many times they do their best to hide our weakness to the public not because they cannot, but because they respect us and see love within us, that love that goes beyond our weaknesses.

Others might think or know already that we are not good people to them, but your cycle of relationships and example is business, family, friendship or work cycle; it’s a must for you to be good to them, because they know you and they can be the ones that can make your life a hell if they want too; but fact is, most of the people who actually know our weaknesses are always supportive, caring and loving.   

Always remember these words, to be successful in life, be good to your cycle.