Many of us to date have not realized that we are a blessing, I don’t know maybe it’s because most of us are never taught or have never realized this.

Point: Everyone is connected to you in this ride of life, you believe it or not.

Have you ever realized that the little things are the biggest things, or simply to say roots the big things in your life?

Have you ever found yourself in situation where a mad person assists you with fire to light up a cigarette, if you smoke? That’s a blessing. It’s just that mad people are not mad; they are just on the different wave of life.

Do you know that your body is a blessing? And you own that body, have you ever taken the time to appreciate your body?  If not do so, the body has life too, without it, without you in it.

Do you know that the air you are breathing now is a huge blessing? Have you ever imagined how some people are struggling in hospitals to breath, and you have it all, think about this?  

Do you know that the problems you are facing are a blessing? How, we grow and succeed because of problems, so start appreciating and learning from the problems you have simply because you will never succeed without them. I have never met a single SUCCESSFUL person who had it “easy”. Remember, struggle is an OPPORTUNITY to learn, grow and achieve the extraordinary.

The friend in the picture Benson Madanda is a blessing to me and I never knew that I was also an inspirational to him, until he came through to the office, then I realized.

Do you know what? You might be doing a little good right now, that you may seem has no value out there, but do you that someone out there is inspired everyday by same little value you give out, but cannot tell you duel to different circumstances. As I said everyone is connected to you in this ride of life, you believe it or not, we are all a blessing to each other in this world, it’s just many of us have not realized this.  

Most of us have potential that others admire but we are still not appreciating that goodness, that blessing we have already. It’s until we begin to realize that we are already a blessing, we are blessing givers not seekers, in fact flip your mind to giving, stop searching, and that’s when you will begin to share your blessing you already have within to others. They is a saying that you can’t give what you don’t have, and its true you can have a blessing without knowing, and you can never appreciate and give that which you already have when you don’t know.  

Please use what you already have now to bless others, you might have money, humor, you can be a writer like me, or you can have a talent, ideas, or you have connections, these are all blessings you have, use them to bless others, and you will receive more blessings in return. My skills and talent has blessed me to find myself with the best team and friends surrounding me, and truth is, it’s what you have that you must use to bless yourself, not what you don’t have. If you make someone else’s life better, you will make your life better in return.

Success, happiness begins with what you already have at hand. All the best.