The system that worked effective yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work effective tomorrow. We must keep on learning and upgrading our minds, relationships, etc.

Today, many are unable to do anything worth for their own lives simply because there always following, doing and living old ideas. It has often been said that people cannot move forward if they are always following old obsolete ideas.

And till date Some people are still living their long gone grandmothers and fathers lifestyles; the ideas and the lifestyles that lived their grandparents are the same ideas and lifestyles they are still living and experiencing today, but just some minor changes like a nice job, car, house, and phone; but still living the same cycle their old parents and long gone grandparents lived.

If you begin studying the systems made to run our world, you will find that most people are robots for a few people in this world, and it seems the world is the matrix movie.

We must always be upgrading our life ideas if we are to live an advancing or progressive lifestyle. If we only believed that horse transportation is the only source of transportation till today, we would not have these cars or airplanes we are using for transportation today.

Just get this in your mind that what worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work tomorrow, the industrial age no longer exist, the old world now. The question is, what change do you think will come after this technological generation ends?

Let’s remember that change is happening now, and today might not be our tomorrow, and our yesterday might not be our future, lets continual changing for better.