Do you know that every exit you make is an entrance to somewhere else?

Most times we talk, think and plan of exiting from our current problem or problems, and not realizing that exiting is also an entrance to other problems too.

A solution that solves a problem creates another problem too. For example; if your solution to overcome poverty is getting rich, get this point too, getting rich or successful has got its own problems too, you will have to protect your riches or wealthy, your business or businesses from scam bags; and the major thing is, you must continual doing the things that will make you stay rich, wealthy or successful, which actually is another bigger responsibility problem that so many people are not willing to venture in.

Do you know what?

Everyone wants to become successful.

But do you know the biggest problem for many, to date? They don’t want the responsibility that comes along with becoming successful, this is the reason why many seek easy ideas and lifestyles. And the fact is this, the poor don’t have money problems, they have lack of money problems, it’s only the rich who have a money problems.

And as long as you are on this planet earth, I don’t know other planets, but whatever problem you solve, will always exit you into another one, and the difference between those who seem to succeed at winning in this life despite problems is how they perceive problems; you find that one sees problems as an opportunity to grow and succeed from, while the other sees problems as obstacles to stop them from not succeeding at whatever they want to succeed at with their own life.

Mind you, your perception matters the most, so build yourself and your mind a positive empire, simply because your perception is the life you create and experience and not forgetting others lives too, especially for you married people with families, your perception of life always affects your family in one way of the other, you believe it or not; your family is the perception of your own life.  

Lastly, you exit nowhere in this life, so everything you do and want to do has consequences, has outcomes, and the life ideas, decisions and choices you make and do, creates what you are experiencing now and what you will experience tomorrow and the future ahead. Always remember that “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else” said unknown.