Do you know that your lifestyle is your mindset? And what your mind is set for is what you focus on doing each day that comes, either consciously or unconsciously; your mind focus is your lifestyle.

We have been told so many times that we become what we think about, but till date, most people don’t know how to think clearly, but think anything as long its thinking, and most times what they think about is all negative; for example many focus on poverty, thinking about poverty, discussing poverty, complaining about poverty and blaming others for the poverty they are going through, and have not realized that what you think and talk about the most you create, attract, become and experience; and it’s also a pity that in school we are not taught how to think for ourselves and think constructively, but taught to let others to think for us, following instructions that we have no idea how they came about.

Just look and observe how the majority of people in our communities keep on doing and following same beliefs, ideas and systems that a few individual have programmed them to do and follow without questioning why they do what they do. Most people lack thinking in our communities.

Some people keep on facing the same problem year after year simply because it’s what they keep focusing on and expecting it and it’s what keeps on happening to them year after year, for example just look at how many people are keep on experiencing the same financial problems year after year, and they still keep on thinking a paycheck will solve their financial problems, and it never does.

What you expect to happen to you, good or bad, that’s were your mental focus is, and that’s what you will keep on calling to happen to you.

What you focus your thinking on is what you will experience as your life reality; it might not happen now but sooner or later you will experience that. Most people retire poor and broke simply because their mindset has always been poor throughout their entire employment moment, it’s only a job salary that kept them looking good but still with a poor mindset, and with time their own mindset becomes their reality in experience.

That’s the reason why to become successful at anything with your life, just stop focusing your thoughts, time on the things you don’t want to happen to you, begin focusing on what you want to happen to you, simply because you are the creator of the life you experience now, you believe it or not.

Just always remember that what you focus your mind on, is what creates, attracts and becomes the experience you are going through right now or what you will experience in future.

So instead of changing the experience, just change how you think and what you focus your thinking on, and always consider this in mind, that you create your future now, and by what you are focusing your thinking in this now time.