Personality refers to all aspects of a person’s individuality, abilities are viewed as maximum performance measures towards a particular skill, job etc.

So as an individual you need to understand the difference of the two in order to be able to make money or to obtain a great opportunity.

One thing you don’t want people to do when you are trying to obtain an opportunity or working in a certain place is to focus on your personality rather than your abilities, for personalities may vary depending on your mood, current situation, etc.

It is important that you must know your abilities and what you are capable of doing, so that it’s easy for you to focus on your abilities when you are working or making business decisions, meeting, etc.

However, there are a lot of factors to consider when making hiring decisions for your business. One of the most elusive is whether an employee fits the culture and mission of the company. So much of it comes down to personality. But is that more important than the practical skills an employee brings to the table?

Well, I don’t think so….

Focus on what will build the company, business and what will grant you more opportunities and that’s a flexible mindset and by doing so you develop a positive and good personality.

I’m Zhané Chú, Stay blessed!!