It’s not fair!!! You are a fool if you think the world is fair!!

The world laughs at us when we think we are all equal. The truth cannot be far from it, we are not equal.

Those that are superior use the words, ”we are all equal” to suppress resistance and revolts. They use the words to defuse anger and in order to continue with their control.

Some are born in families where their education, health and nutrition is assured while others are born in families where everything is a struggle.

Some farmers have their farms near streams where they have easy access to water for their crops and livestock, while others have to Shepherd their animals for long distances to drink water.

Some are born disabled, while others are able bodied.

The rural area is different from the urban areas and hence people have different opportunities depending on where they are born and raised.


The first step in making life easy for yourself is by admitting that it’s not naturally easy. 
You need to realize that nothing good comes naturally.

Decay, depletion, delay, death, rot, deflation, defeat, decline, and extinction are the natural coarse for anything that man doesn’t work hard to keep alive.

Being born in a disadvantaged environment shouldn’t be the reason to remain disadvantaged. It should, instead be the fuel to push you to work hard and make things better for you.

Create your own fair environment!!