Do you know what makes you do what you do?

Do you know why we have different cultures and religions in this world?

Do you know why other people are employees while others are entrepreneurs?

Do you know why other people are poor and while others are rich?

I asked myself why my country’s national staple food is Nshima and just my neighboring country Tanzania its Rice or Ugali? It all brought me down to belief, what I call National Beliefs.  

Someone has quoted that “thought rules the world”, so indeed, as belief roots from thought, is thought and so beliefs rule the world.

Everything you are and do right now is the result of the beliefs in your subconscious mind you either accepted consciously or unconsciously, but it’s a pity that many accepted most beliefs unconsciously, and they wander why they keep doing and experiencing the miserable lives some of their grandparents or parents experienced.

You may not have chosen the belief you experience now, for example most religious and employee becoming beliefs the majority just follow without thinking and questioning, but simply because it’s what they found, they see everyone is doing, and so they follow because it’s what everyone is doing. It does not mean if everyone is doing it, then that means its right, no, it has been said often that throughout history the majority have always found themselves in a hell of life.

You believe it or not, the beliefs deep down your subconscious mind has brought you to where you are right now, what you are doing, what you are thinking, who you associate or spending most of time with, and what you will become in future; it’s all your beliefs inside you pointing the direction of your life where it must go and be. The beliefs inside your mind knows where you will be 5 years from now, just honestly study them, you will know your future, they never lie. Your lifestyle is the reflection of your beliefs.


Study and question your beliefs, did you impose them on yourself or someone else did? Are they making you successful or will they make you successful if you had to live with them another 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Mind you some beliefs will make you feel successful 5, 10 or 20 years from now, for example employee becoming beliefs, a good paying job, a good education, special title, nice home, etc; this is the way many of us have been taught to believe in as the only way to a successful lifestyle; but what if these things are taken away from you and me, as currently many are losing out jobs, losing out pensions, school degrees becoming worth less and less, what will such a person remain with when his entire life he believed in such as the only way to a successful life?


Some people are good at sweet talks that brain wash others to follow their vision, but along the way when all is well they treat them like trash, and the biggest problem is that, many of us are taught only to believe and not taught to question what we believe in; that’s why many are brain washed and caged easily mentally into slavery by a few in our communities. Just observe how most politicians sweet talk the majority in our communities?


Some people wonder why they are treated like slaves, but not knowing that they have been programmed or conditioned mentally to be treated like slaves. On the other hand, people treat you the way they treat you because either it’s what they believe in or it’s what you believe in, or both.

In my conclusion, be an invisible eye, study what you believe in and why you believe in it, study what others do and why they do, question everything including God, and come up with your own findings, create your own life path; be, do, have and share with yourself and your world what will make you own the worth of your life. A belief is just a self caused thought, not even a religious caused, its invisible thought that create and rule religions and other systems, that’s what so many don’t know. Beliefs made you, who you are today, thereof be wise enough like a serpent to choose beliefs that will make you successful.