Why are you giving all your money to the rich?!?

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone and its “Robin Hood” day for the rich.

Maybe you are not exactly “giving” it to the rich, maybe they are stealing it.


When you went to school, they taught you to get a job and work for the rich.

Then, they teach you to give your money to the rich. The schools bring in bankers, financial planners and stockbrokers to tell you how to donate your money to the rich.

It’s one big scam that all starts with the school system.

Schools purposely do NOT teach real financial education but instead focus on teaching you how to turn your money over to the rich since they know how to handle your money better.

OF COURSE THEY DO! Because schools don’t teach a thing about money!

If that makes sense to you, I can’t help you.


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To Creating Your Opportunity,

Robert Kiyosaki