Our society is now massively filled with unemployed and unemployable students with all types of degrees and the number is also increasing rapidly each day that comes, but we are still pushing in more and training massive kids to “Go to school, study hard, look for a high paying job with a pension that no longer exist today”, I think we have now reached the peak of insanity that Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different outcomes”, and this has been the insanity of our education system for centuries now.

We have been training and preparing kids from homes, from religions, if its school worse, just for one thing, a job that is becoming less and less available at the market place, and busy denying to introduce entrepreneurship trainings in schools that will prepare kids to go open up businesses that will create jobs and create more opportunities for those out there without jobs.

And we wonder why we have so many boomerangs, unemployed and unemployable kids in homes and on the streets today walking around like dead souls, without brains. Today the problem has fallen in from the unemployed, now to the unemployable; meaning the people who their skills or jobs have been replaced by technological computers or machines, and we are still advising this insanity to kids that “Go to school, study hard, get good grades, find a high paying job with benefits”, this is total insanity that our education system is still putting in our kids minds to date.

One way to overcome unemployment is not to produce more employees like school is still doing to date, No; it’s creating more entrepreneurs who will create businesses that will create more jobs, not the other way round. Truth is, school system is the major contributor and cause of this global unemployment problem today, and financial problems too, but we are still busy riding with this insanity advice.

It’s high time we began questioning what we send kids to school for, to question what the school system puts in kids minds, to question were its driving our kids futures too;

  • Is the school training system preparing our kids with adequate skills that will help them face the real world of unemployment problems today or as usual as it does till date, preparing students to wait for the government to give them jobs that they do not create?
  • Is school preparing kids to face the real world of financial problems, or its just there after the money parents spend on the kid’s education? If you don’t know school is a business, it’s after money too.  
  • Why has school system not introduced a subject on how to train students to think for themselves, rather it has continual to date to let the school system determine students futures, and not students to determine their own futures? And in addition it has continual teaching memorization of words and old industrial formulas that no longer solve problems of this new modern world?
  • Why has for so long school system been refusing to teach or introduce the subject of money, of entrepreneurship in the school syllables?
  • Why is it that the people without school degrees are the ones that employ more people with university or colleges degrees? Can this question ring a bell in your mind, think about this more?  

Honestly ask yourself these questions, if you feel challenged, it might be a hint that you are learning something or they is more you have to learn. Most people are programmed for school as the only way to a successful life, and some find success in the system, but for the great majority of us it’s not our path, not even your or my dream.

The questions above can fortunately awaken you to a wide perspective of understanding that in turn you can use to help others find their path to success, than just only this one taught way to success that has become obsolete and old today in this modern technological world, of “Go to school, get a job with benefits and job will take care of you for life”, this obsolete advice is leaving many young and adult people financially stranded and desperate over jobs that are disappearing and no longer existing.


The world of tomorrow belongs to those who can process information, see relationships and trends, and be agile and responsive to change as the world changes. Watch your job, awaken, and prepare yourself, what if you become the next unemployable person in your area of specialization today or tomorrow?