First thing that many parents or people who go to school don’t know is that, school is a multi billion business; its major mission is to make money and not necessarily for the education of you or your kids. And still majority of us take school as a lifetime investment, well of course it’s an investment, but the question is, an investment for what?

To work for money or to make money work for us?

An investment to make ourselves rich or an investment to make a few people rich, for example the government and the some few rich people who control the school business system?

Why go to school for 15 years only to be prepared to work for a fellow human being for 20 years or more as an employee and in addition the very person you work for has not even a single college degree that you spent your 15 years of time and money on to acquire, does this make sense to you?

Truth is if you go to school or you send your kids to school for the sake of finding a well paying job, then you have invested your life or your child’s life to become a slave of a few people in this world, for example the government and the rich who own businesses or companies, who even control the school business systems.

Find a better reason for what you must go to school for, than just for the sake of finding a well paying job, its old thinking and fashion in this modern world of today.

Caution: They is more to learn outside school class room than just investing your entire 15 years of life and money for the sake of a job that probably will disappear or get replaced by technology before you even finish your college degree, some school courses are unemployable today.