Zambian Music Producer, Writer and Song Composer

Early Life

DJ Cute whose real name is John Sinyangwe was born on 22nd January 1995 in southern province of Zambia in Mamba Town. He’s a Zambian best music producer and he produces high quality Afro, Hiphop, RnB,Dancehall. Kwaito, Kalindula and Trance Music beats, he is also an entrepreneur and record label owner of 624 MUZIC. Apart from Deejaying DJ Cute can Rap, Sing, Write and Compose Songs. During his kindergarten when he was 7 years he had developed a key interest in music and he played drums (Ngoma) in church, were he eventually formed a children’s choir group.

Education Background
He matriculated from Chingola High School in 2012. in 2016 he acquired an admission at Luanshya Technical Collage to study Electrical Engineering but a year later he dropped out of collage and went on to follow his passion in music as a DJ and music producer.


His career in media began in 2013 when he started teaching himself sound engineering and beats production from his small apartment he also voluntarily produced and presented the weekend shows and made couple of beats for artists all over copperbelt. Today DJ Cute has worked with a lot of artists in Zambia and his planning to expand to other neighboring countries to work with diverse artist.

In 2019 his music label 624 Music label entered an agreement with CEO of Spakdeal Internet Private Limited (Francis Chanda) to build an online music store for the record label. The site is said to begin building in early January next year 2020.

About 624 Muzic Recordings Label

Founded in 2013, 624 Muzic Recordings has represented the cutting-edge in Afro, Hiphop, RnB,Dance hall, Kwaito, Kalindula and Trance Music for almost 9 years. 624 Muzic began as a maverick independent label inspired by Copperbelt vibrant street culture and the emerging sound of Afro, Hiphop, RnB,Dancehall Kwaito, Kalindula and Trance Music, pioneered by iconic stars like BMG, LK 7, Humsa G and many more. Over the following few years, 624 Muzic established its dominance with Young Tycoon Entertainment. Now in its ninth year, 624 Muzic Recordings music and lifestyle has grown into a National brand – synonymous with creativity, quality and authenticity – encompassing a diverse roster of marquee and emerging stars like BMG, LK 7, Hamsa G and among others. Today, helmed by Chairman and CEO John Sinyangwe (DJ Cute), 624 Muzic Recordings has reaffirmed its passion for and commitment to Afro, Hiphop, RnB,Dancehall. Kwaito, Kalindula and Trance Music, and has expanded its National brand reach to become the most-followed major label on all major social media platforms.

Artists Supported By the Label

Bmg, Felix Trapstar Nkandu, Clement Clemz Montanna, Md and Hamusa G.
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DJ Cute’s Quote
”Always follow your dreams, no matter how great or small it maybe.”

Dj Cute Contact Details

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Phone number: +260967080809