Many people spend tons of hours blaming their own poverty over the rich; the rich are greed, the rich are corrupt, the rich don’t care about us the poor, the rich steal from the poor, the complaints goes on and on endless.

But instead of looking at the rich as the problem; why can’t such people spend the same energy and time to join the rich so they may stop complaining and blaming over the rich that are the ones responsible for their suffering; moreover there are no restrictions to become rich and their no restrictions either to become or stay poor. So if someone chooses to become successful, why must someone complain over such, when we have a choice to either choose to become successful or unsuccessful with our own lives?

Life is a choice and we are the reflection of our own choices. If we make a choice to become successful, so shall it come to pass, if not we remain as we are, and by remaining as someone is, why must they complain and blame someone else for their own choices? I would say that’s insanity and stupidity in addition.

So instead of someone wasting their energy and time complaining and blaming the rich or the successful for the problems and suffering they experience, why not that person use the same energy and time to consult, research and learn from what the rich do to become rich or successful, so they can stop complaining on the riches they want from the rich.

If the rich cannot end our own suffering, why not join them instead of blaming and complaining about them, moreover, there are no restrictions to becoming rich and so is the opposite. It’s all a choice.