Don’t be obsessed on how you are going to do it, many people are stuck in the how road, instead of just knowing and trusting they are going to do it dissipate not knowing how in that moment. All the things you are doing now at some time back you never knew how to do them, but at this moment you know how; it’s not because you knew the how first, but you trusted first that I will do them and you are doing them now.

The question is why do we still doubt ourselves that we cannot become successful while we can see others becoming successful in front of our eyes? Is it because those who become successful are lucky or what? Or do they have some special magic that makes them successful? I don’t think so; truth is people became successful because they trust their own will, that I will become successful, even if I don’t know how yet, but I know I will become successful with my life. They had faith, trusted in themselves and believed so, and the how to succeed was reviewed to them.

You don’t need to know the how first, of how you are going to become successful – but all you have to know is I will become successful. Knowing you are going to become successful is more important than how you are going to become successful, and the reason is simple; knowing is what comes first, doing is what comes second. Knowing you will do it – will lead you to how you will do it. Knowing you will do it is your job, knowing how you are going to do it is not your job, it’s the universe’s; you just make a decision you will do it, and the universe will open ways of how you will to do it for you.

Truth is, where there is a will, they is a way. Your job is, are you willing to do it? If yes, then the way will show up; if not, the way will not show up, even if it showed up you won’t see it simply because you have not made a decision to willingly do it. Everything shows up, opens up if you are willing. Your job is to be willing and universe will open door of ways to do it for you.

First: Knowing you are going to do it is number one process.

Second: How you are going to do it is the second process.

Trust yourself and trust the process, and the how will be reviewed to you.