When colonizers illegally controlled our societies, they created a system that perfectly worked to brainwashed and exploit every member of our society.

They ensured that their religion is attached to every single opportunity in our societies:

To go to school, you must first accept their religion (be mindful that, education to the African child at this period was not a right but a privilege determined by the colonizers) and get brainwashed throughout the schooling period.

To get a job, trade, or an appointment, you must first be a member of their religion.

To get a visa to travel, you must be in their religion.

To even have a right to freedom of speech, an association to their religion was a prerequisite.

They ceased all opportunities that belong to our people to enrich themselves and then use a small proportion of this ceased opportunity to better the lives of some few members of our society who have accepted their religion and exploitation.

They then made these few people their representatives who become agents of exploitations (they are the governing class, religious leaders, and to some extent business merchants)

They then turn to the masses of our people: “look in your own eyes, how our God has transformed the lives of your own people since they denounced your cultures in praising for our Lord! “They continued “Our God will do the same for you when you surrender and join.”

In awe, our people surrender in masses with unshakeable hope because of the evidence they have seen with their own eyes.

They have now become obedient slaves for a lifetime exploitation because they are convinced and their conviction is unshakeable.

Unfortunately, their expectations can never come to light because, the colonizers are physically keeping the bulk of the opportunities which naturally belong to us and little left are used to feed “the representatives class” so that this representative class will be comfortable, strong, and have the desire to continue to oppress us for their masters.

Everything is planned in the system, until we understand how we got here, and re-strategize toward our true emancipation, this system will forever be against us.

My name is Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and I love Africa.

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