Have you ever observed that it takes the same energy to dream about being poor and to dream about being successful?

The special part about dreaming is that; Its Free, It Costs No Money, only just the thought energy and time; but many people act as if it costs money or it’s evil to dream big. Your life today is a result of how you dream about your life, and this leaves you with a choice to choose which side to go too, to either dream big or continual to dream small.

Here are the three reasons why;

Reason 1: You Will Think and Act Differently

The reason why majority of people are poor and a few are rich in this world is not because of lack of resources or opportunities, no; it’s just the majority think and act small and the same too; they keep on thinking poor and keep on doing the same routines that continues to keep them poor. The rich are fewer in this world simply because few people think and dream rich or think and dream big enough to become rich in this world. Majority of people in this world think and dream small.

Dreaming big is not all about aspiring to have lots of money, expensive materials or power, no; dreaming big is also all about developing your potentials within to the maximum potential so that you can enjoy and experience the abundance of this life to the fullest; and it’s only by dreaming and thinking big that you will realize that life is full of unlimited abundance and this is a result of thinking and acting differently.

Point: Thinking and dreaming big sets you apart from small dreamers and doers.

Reason 2: You Will Start To See Opportunities That No One Else Cannot See

The successful have become successful because they see opportunities that makes them successful and often the unsuccessful don’t become successful because they don’t see opportunities that cannot make them become successful or don’t act on ideas that will make them successful.

It’s in dreaming big that you will begin to see opportunities that small dreamers cannot see and act on.

A brighter future is only for the big dreamers simply because they understand that the future is always different, and for them it’s even more important than ever to see what others cannot or do not want to see. You can only see opportunities that lead to great successes if you only began to think and dream like the way successful people do. I love what Dr. Robert Schuller said, “God has unlimited resources that he can make available to people who think big and believe deeply”. So dream big enough and please stop limiting yourself to life that is unlimited, just be, do and share infinite.  

Reason 3: You Will Become What You Dream

If they say life is a dream, then that’s enough reason to dream big for your own life. Fact is, you cannot dream small and expect to live a large life; you always get the life in accordance to the dreams in your own mind, and the level of your dreaming is the level of your thinking.

Then this leaves you with no excuse here, and you have a choice here to dream big or small, to dream poor or rich that’s your own baby nurse. Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. These are among the reasons why you must begin to dream big from today onwards.