Most Africans don’t want to be in the struggle with their countries. They will look for an opportunity to join a country that is already doing well.

This happens from family level too. Relatives will visit and call upon the family member who is financially stable, while neglecting the ones hustling to make ends meet.

In business too. They don’t want to associate with the one building a new business, but will surround the one who looks like they are already established and bringing in the Mulla.

For us to grow, we need to be part of the hustle to build our countries, be positive and help South Africa in spreading our population evenly.

Africa is for every African but fact is, South Africa is overwhelmed with illegal immigrants because it is developed, beautiful and has opportunities most African countries don’t have.

Leaders, lets build our countries so we can evenly share resources within Africa and then outside. Na landa chiteni efyo mulefwaya! (I’ve spoken, do what you want)

Insights from Bwalya Chilombo