Majority of us to date are still following financial systems that has blinded and kept our parents ignorant from the financial world since the industrial age for years and years, and we still think that’s intelligence, when actually the reality is we have been upgraded into advanced financial insanity and ignorance.

“Today if you still wait for the government or employer to solve your financial problems, just know that you have been upgraded into the advanced financial insanity and ignorant world”

Every time financial systems are upgraded or advanced, the financially ignorant people do not get financially upgraded or advanced too; but they get upgraded into more advanced financial insanity and ignorance.

In the industrial age, a good education and a good job with benefits for life was the key to a good lifestyle; but not today in this modern world were technology is rapidly taking over human jobs, were job security is a joke and no longer exists and were money is debt. And to date many kids are still being advised to continual entering into this advanced financial insanity and ignorance of looking for jobs that rapidly disappearing like thin air.

Advising people to go to school to learn to be an employee is as obsolete as advising young people to become peasants and work for a landlord; this why am calling this an advanced financial insanity and ignorance simply because the financial advice that worked in the industrial age cannot work or is not working today in this technological information age; and it has been said often that you cannot use an old map in the new world, but to date the majority of our parents are still holding on to old financial maps that they still want us their kids of this modern new world to continual using simply because they still think that what worked for them can also work for us; but truth is, the industrial financial age map cannot not work today because;

“In the rapidly changing world, nothing is more dangerous than an idea whose time has come and gone. People losing their jobs – jobs and companies disappearing”  

If your parents are financially struggling and have been financially struggling for years, and they want you to follow the same system that has ended them poor, my brother and my sister you find yourself with the same cancer disease of the wallet. Today you need more financial education and personal development education than a good education and a good job; in short all am saying is today more than ever, kids or people need to be trained to be investors or entrepreneurs, not employees.

What worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it must work tomorrow or in future, no; and this must sink in your mind that it’s not a guarantee that what worked for you as a parent today it’s a must to work for your child today or in future, no; your child is not you and you are not your child; as the Hebrew Proverb said; “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time”.

A Parents Job

Your job as a parent is to help your child to see future changes coming ahead, and prepare them to learn to see opportunities of solving problems ahead and prepare them to learn to see opportunities of successes ahead, that so very few parents do for their own child. Your job as a parent is to inspire your child to see ahead and to learn from history.