Everyone has what drives, motivates or inspires them to be, do, have and share whatever things or ideals they posses out there in their communities. I have jotted out simple and easy but powerful indeed differences, honestly think about them deeply and here are the differences that drive an employee verses what drive an entrepreneur to be doing the things they have chosen to be and do with their own lives.

  • An employee is driven by job security. An entrepreneur is driven by financial freedom.
  • An employee is driven by a paycheck. An entrepreneur is driven by business cash flow or multiple sources of income.
  • An employee is driven by a good education. An entrepreneur is driven by a good financial education.
  • Most employees are driven by a poverty thought, that’s why they work hard for money. An entrepreneur is driven by an abundance thought, that’s why they make money work hard for them. One works hard for money, the other makes money, machines or people work hard for him.
  • An employee is driven by fear; fear of what? Fear of living in poverty, of losing a job and of losing life, maybe it’s the reason why they don’t contribute more of their creativity to solve real world problems for example like global unemployment problem. An entrepreneur is driven by love; love of what? Love of living life abundantly, of creating jobs and other opportunities for others, and of living life to the fullest. When you love life, you will contribute better to it.
  • An employee is driven by laboring on problems, that’s why they get a job. An entrepreneur is driven by providing ideas that provide solutions to solve a problem, that’s why they see problems as opportunities. Love of solving problems drives entrepreneurs; that’s why they provide solutions as a way of sharing love to humanity.
  • An employee labors for a company vision. An entrepreneur is the company vision.
  • Looking for a job is the spirit that drives an employee. Building a business or investment that brings in cash flow and serves many people out there is what drives an entrepreneur.

Ponder on these deeply.