“We’re all born with some value to improve humanity with. Let no one look down on you, not even yourself” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“No man gives birth to a success or failure. It’s either a boy or girl” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Learn from others, but be you” – Admas Hands Mbawa

“The ability in you is not a mistake. Be proud of it. Use it with joy” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“If you want to feel inferior, ignore your area of strength” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Your agenda on earth is tied to the ability in you. Find your ability” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Would you define the purpose of your existence anytime you are asked?” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Opportunities don’t cease. Just open your mind” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“The ability in you is what makes you exceptional and not your color, race, tribe, religious beliefs, nor your educational level” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Nobody owes you a great talent/ability. Yours is right there inside you. You have it. So, strive to discover, develop and deploy it” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Some people will feel insecure and be intimidated with your ability and they will try by all means not to give you a platform for growth and impact. From such, move away. Where your ability isn’t given chance to grow isn’t a conducive environment for you” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Not everyone will like and appreciate what you are doing with your ability. Some will ridicule you for no cause. However, if your pursuit matters to you, keep on doing it. Let’s do it” – Adams Hands Mbawa

“Your ability isn’t for everyone. Not everyone on earth will subscribe to your talent and ability. Let’s do it” – Adams Hands Mbawa