The rich often say, in  today’s  world,  in this  information  age  generation,  it’s  not  money  that makes you rich, it’s not even a high paying job, and not even a pension will  make you rich if you are still waiting for a pension that no longer exist, in fact not even a university degree will.

But What Will?

Its rich knowledge; rich financial knowledge, the  information  that make rich people become rich; it’s not every information, but only rich information, information the rich people listen to, read about, watch and talk about.

And the reason why many people are poor, is not lack of money or resources, but lack of information, “my people perish because of lack of information”, meaning lack of right information.  

Information alone can make you successful today, and good news is you don’t need tangible resources like land, gold or a job; but just information; for example people who have became billionaires because of information are Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, its business is sharing information; another example is Larry Page, founder Google, its business is information, all these million billion money business social media’s we use, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and the beauty is the guy who coded Snap chart and Instagram is a Ghana young man Iddris Saudu, we need more young minded people like this one in Africa and the rest of world.

All the books you buy its information, all the schools you go to, its information you learn, we are in the information age, not in the industrial age, let’s get this in our heads.

Also get this, if you  want  become  an  employee,  its  knowledge  of  becoming  an  employee that will make you become an employee; and that knowledge is found more and taught more in school, “Go to school, get good grades and get a high paying safe secure job with benefits”. If you want to become an employee, you need school professional education found in university. 

“In today’s world its knowledge that makes you rich; not money” – Robert Kiyosaki, Author Rich Dad Poor Dad

And if one wishes to become rich or an entrepreneur, he or she needs a different kind of information, and that  is  street  smart  rich and practical financial and  personal development information or knowledge  that  makes the rich get more richer. You can become successful by reading books only, you need to put into practical what you read, and on the street that’s where the reality happens.   Truth is you can never become successful with poor information in your mind, you need to program your mind with success information in your mind; as it has been said, your mindset is your lifestyle; so program your mind with right information.