I have discovered that before a farmer sows a seed, he sees the harvest first. He imagines it. He envisions it. In short, it is the harvest that a farmer wants that determines the kind of seed to sow and vice versa.

This further means that before a farmer harvests lots of bags of maize, he first envisions this before he even sow or plant the seed. So, sowing seed follows the harvest imagined. If a farmer doesn’t imagine sun flower harvest, there is no need to sow sun flower seed.

It Is Imagination That Starts Before Reality.

On top, I have said that seeing the future is seeing the harvest. When you see your future or catch your dream, it’s like you have seen what you will harvest at last. This now means that you are aware of the seed to be sown. So, the future you see, imagine, envision or visualize is what determines the kind of the seed you will sow.

When you imagine yourself working in health sector, education, agriculture, security etc; you must begin to sow the seed that will get you the harvest you imagine.

What is this seed I’m talking about? There are three of them; thoughts, actions, and speech. When you see yourself working in education or any other sector, you should begin to sow seeds that will produce that kind of harvest you imagine. This means that your thoughts, actions, and speech should align with what you want to harvest in future.

Begin to think according to what you want to get. Act according to your imagination. Speak according to the harvest you envision. These three things are seeds that we sow to get the harvest we want in life. Let’s do it.

To Be Continued……