My friend bought some land on which he intends to build some residential property. In preparation for the venture he has heaped some sand, laterite and crushed stones on the site.

A few days ago when we passed there I could not help but wonder, on the heaps of sand and laterite, weeds were growing very well. My mind wandered too as to why the food crops don’t do so well given the same conditions.

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The heaps of sand is the equivalent of your mind. All the negative stuff seem to find easy sanctuary in your mind. The weeds are the bad ideas, the lack of thinking, the lack of innovation, the laziness to try things out, the lack of desire to study and many more negative stuff that makes success a tall order. We are all negative by default in our minds. We are brought up thinking or imagining what could go wrong. What if we were brought up to look at the bright side of life; Imagine every time you did something and always thinking what could go right?

The food crops need planting, watering, nurturing and possibly fertilizer for them to grow. Similarly good ideas need to be nurtured, watered, and encouraged for them to come to fruition. Without the required help those ideas will die a natural death like a good seed which accidentally fell on the heap of sand or laterite.

Always remember it’s easier for negativity to manifest itself because we were brought up thinking what could go wrong. It takes a certain amount of effort to think positively because of where we are coming from.
Luckily your mind can only be either positive or negative at any given time. So you have a choice, when your mind chooses to think negatively remind yourself that you could choose to be positive at that very moment.

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