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This Is The Definition of A Quitter

by Maradona Chalwe

If things are no longer of value to you, why keep on pursuing them?

If you realized that you are leaning on the wrong ladder to success, why must you continual?

If an idea or a project no longer empowers you, why must you continual with it?

It does not mean that if I let go or quit ideas that are no longer of value to me, that means I am quitter, no; why must I continual with ideas that have come to a dead end? In life, it is best to cut your losses than continual with ideas that are barking up the wrong tree, that are leaning on the wrong ladder of the opposite of your success.

There is an old saying that goes; “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” I personally do not agree with that saying. The saying is too simple, and too basic. In my reality a winner knows when to quit, not because things have become tough, but things have become of no value; and moreover a quitter is someone who quits simply because things have gotten tough.

Know Why and When To Quit

I have been a quitter before; have quit girlfriends, businesses, churches, studies, books, jobs, and so on. End of October 2019, I quit as a Digital Marketing Manager at some Kitwe based marketing company, for me that job was just a passing phase to learn some marketing skills and strategies how to run a company internally, so that I could apply those skills later on to my life. Work to learn, not to earn.

Moreover, the key is to know why you are quitting and when to quit.

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